Tuesday, 25 March 2014

I, Spy.

Day 3 of Grad Show, photos were taken on the roof top. I love taking photos when there is a concept. This time round its kinda like a secret agent to another, giving the next task. It sure was hilarious. Then again, it could look like a break up. And also me wanting to commit suicide. Take your pick! I'd totally go for the secret agent!

This is the exact same outfit as the day I went to My Fair Lady musical (post).

:: Outfit ::
Textured Mini Bodycon - TOPSHOP, Singapore (with hole at the back)
Black Glass Wedge - Online Blogshop, Singapore

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sophisticated Craziness.

This was a very fun shot to begin with. It was the first day of Grad Show and we were going crazy! I've worn this dress twice now and I like how it accentuates where it has to. Maybe it is a tad too big for me because of the ultra low neckline and tad too long length. But whatever it is, it is very important for every girl to have a LBD that fits well!

I even got to shoot a series of 'h&m-model-wanabe' kind of shoot with the prom king. It sure was hard not to laugh!

And you know you've got to flick your hair! It was a fun time with my poly mates! For sure! More to come!

:: Outfit ::
LBD - Online Blogshop, Singapore

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Toned Sexiness.

Yet another simple outfit, as usual. Dressed in this grey top may look simple and casual on camera but my my how wrong can you get!~ It's sexy and I love it! That's why I paired it with plain black shorts, sandals and a sling. You may pair it with a simple necklace but not a complicated one. If you were to pair it with a statement necklace, it'll steer the attention away from the top.

:: Outfit ::
Black Highwaisted Shorts - Bangkok, Thailand
Black Soft Leather Sling - Sussan (Sydney), Australia

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Flower Galore.

I wore this dress on the first day of Chinese New Year. Since it's already so very printed and lots going on, simple accessories will do the trick! I've noticed that whenever I wear a dress, I'll always grab my TOPSHOP bag and glass wedge. Same old boring me...

:: Outfit ::
Printed Dress - Online Blogshop, Singapore
Black Gold Lock Bag - TOPSHOP, Singapore
Black Glass Wedge - Online Blogshop, Singapore

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Troubled Teen.

Note to self: Wear shorts when running errands.
It was really troublesome running around like a mad dog with my bestfriend to surprise my other bestfriend's 20th. The theme was white, pink, red. So I went with white! White has been my favorite color recently so white it was! Definitely matched with my favorite skirt and my superga!

:: Outfit ::
White Waterfall Top - Online Blogshop, Singapore
Vintage Highwaisted Skirt - Online Blogshop, Singapore

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My Fair Lady.

Again with another little black dress. This time I attended the My Fair Lady Musical with my family. 

Because of the high neckline, I decided to go for a subtle statement earring (well, that sure is confusing). And instead of air-drying my hair like before, I blow-dried it and curled it. A different effect isn't it. This look would be more refined and matured whereas air-drying it would be more of a younger look.

:: Outfit ::
Black Gold Lock Bag - TOPSHOP, Singapore
Black Glass Wedge - Online Blogshop, Singapore

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Calm Down.

The combination of yoga and me is just laughter. I don't think with my friends around, I can stay put for long. It took me quite awhile to stop laughing and take these pose. I'll need to start practicing self-discipline.

I wore this outfit for the last day of my test in school after which we went out as a class for a meal. A bright and cheerful outfit.

You just need a bright piece to an outfit to be the talking point and work around it. Like I've always said. Because of the color palette of the top, I've chosen lighter pieces to work around it instead of black etc. It'll be more flattering. If you want to add contrast, go for navy instead of black.

:: Outfit ::
Colourblock Crop Top - Bugis Street, Singapore
Distressed Highwaisted Shorts - Online Blogshop, Singapore